Features for the 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE

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2016 Jaguar F-TYPE

If you’re a Jaguar fan like us, you’re probably excited by the 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE, the manufacturer’s high-performing, eye-popping addition to its luxury and sports car inventory. While the Jaguar model comes well-equipped whether you choose the convertible or coupe, we thought we’d blog about the F-TYPE’s features so that you can make the most informed decision possible about your sports car.

Performance, Style, and Technology for the 2016 F-TYPE

Starting at a base MSRP of $65,000, the 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE has been noted for its terrific performance and smooth handling. In terms of numbers, the standard F-TYPE sports a 3.0L V6 that gets 340 hp. Higher trims can produce 380 hp, and offer options to switch to a 5.0L 550-hp V8. Each engine not only offers impressive power, but gives drivers the option for manual transmission with the F-TYPE and the F-TYPE S RWD for increased control.

The exterior of the F-TYPE is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, lowering lift and maximizing drive stability. You’ll find a front splitter and a rear valance to sustain airflow for your F-TYPE, while the Coupe trims get a standard panoramic glass roof, complete with a sliding black-out blind. Deployable door handles retract when unneeded and the convertible top itself retracts or raises in 12 seconds. The F-TYPE’s sweptback headlights impart a sporty, intense sensibility to your car, all the way to the taillights.

On the inside of the 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE, you’ll get gear-selector paddles behind the steering wheel when you choose an automatic transmission, so you don’t have to lift a hand to shift gears. Jaguar SportShift lets you select between Auto Mode and Sport Mode for driving. The “smart” Active Center Air Vents only deploy when the climate control system determines you need more airflow. You’ll get premium leather seats with an “R” embossed on your headrests. And in the trunk you’ll get 11.65 cubic feet of storage feet in the F-TYPE Coupe, and 7 in the F-TYPE Convertible, both of which are highly impressive for a small sports car.

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