Jaguar Subverts Luxury Midsize Sedan Expectations With 2015 XF

May 4th, 2015 by

You may think of the luxury midsize sedan market as
a segment full of cookie-cutter cars, but when Jaguar engineers set their minds
to something, they don’t turn out any half-baked ideas. That’s why the 2015 Jaguar XF is anything
but your typical sport sedan.


If you tried to draw the average family car, you’d
probably end up sketching what looks like the silhouettes of most luxury
midsize sedans on the market — but you won’t be anywhere close to the looks of
the XF. This isn’t a mainstream model, but it hits all the right points for a
style that is both on-trend and uncommon. With cat-eye-shaped headlamps and
profile that could have you confusing this four-door vehicle for a coupe, the 2015
XF simply turns heads no matter what angle you look at it.


We invite you to catch a glimpse of this refreshed
model by watching the® video below, and then take a
good, hard look at our available 2015 Jaguar XF models, here at Jaguar
of Great Neck

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