The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is Coming to the United States

December 20th, 2016 by

Jaguar XFThe United States is home to plenty of legendary manufacturers, so it speaks volumes to see just how thrilled people are that the Jaguar XF Sportbrake will be crossing the Atlantic. This all-new wagon, known as an estate on the European side of the pond, is expected to make its debut next year, and we can’t wait.

The XF Sportbrake Makes it to America

This all-new model will be a reworking of the popular Jaguar XF sedan. Early-on, we assumed with more than a little resignation that the XF Sporkbrake wouldn’t be making its way to the United States; after all, the last model wasn’t released over here, and American drivers haven’t taken to the wagon quite as readily as the Europeans.

However, we’ve been proved wrong. North American CEO Joe Eberhardt has confirmed that the XF Sportbrake is coming. It’s expected to make its debut at an auto show next year, though Jaguar has yet to confirm which show and when it will reach dealers.

What Can You Expect from the XF Sportbrake?

Though wagons aren’t incredibly popular in the United States, we’ve certainly noticed that their appeal is creeping up again. After all, folding the seats provides an abundance of cargo room, so you could take longer as well as larger items from Huntington to New York City, if you so wished. Other manufacturers are following suit; the Mercedes E-Class Wagon and Volvo V90 are just two prominent examples of wagons that have found a niche with American drivers.

The team over at Jaguar seem to be paving the way for continental success by focusing on one thing that American drivers certain have a fondness for: power. The XF Sportbrake will be released with engines from the new Ingenium family. We’re anticipating a 2.0L four-cylinder in either gas or diesel and a 3.0L V6. It is even rumored that Jeep are considering adding a V8-powered XF Sportbrake, which will be tuned by the legendary SVR division. Such a move would make the vehicle an intriguing alternative to the Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon.

Find Out More About the XF Sportbrake by Contacting Jaguar Freeport

If you want to find out the latest concerning the XF Sportbrake, just contact one of the team here at Jaguar Freeport. We can even arrange a test drive in the acclaimed 2017 Jaguar XF sedan to give you a feel for the line.